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Meeting with a florist soon? Then it’s time to put together a wedding flower check list . If you’re keeping it simple, you may only need bouquets boutonnieres and centerpieces

If you’re going all out, however, you might want arrangements on every cocktail table and even in the bathroom.

With so many details to plan for, it’s important to have a set budget for your wedding florals. You can expect to put about 10-15 percent of your wedding budget toward the florals. If you’re using flowers as your main source of decor, you may allocate a little more funds towards florals. If you’re looking to save in this area Shannon Morrow, founder of nottingham city florist, says it’s best to do this early in the planning process since it requires a bit of foresight. “Choose a venue you absolutely love from top to bottom, from the architecture to the view,” she advises.

“Choosing a venue you are not in love with, or one that feels drab will inherently require more decor for the couple to be happy with the design.”

Many couples desire flowers throughout every space on their wedding day.Tracy Copson of Suggests using reusing arrangements from one space to another. “We try and re-use florals from the ceremony for the reception,” she says. “There’s no reason a welcome arrangement from the ceremony can’t be repurposed on the bar, or pieces from the ceremony altar can’t be repurposed in a lounge or on the head table.” This will ultimately cut down on costs and waste.